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"We're Putting Our Sweets In God's Seat"

Christ Over Cookies is a must read for women who are growing in faith but continue to struggle to lose weight. This book explains why your attempts to lose weight in the past have failed and why most of the time you regain the weight and find yourself having to start all over again. In this book, you’ll uncover a strategy to help you lose weight for life, without dieting, feeling good while doing it, and increasing your faith in the process.

Malaika Burley discovered these techniques while she was growing closer and closer to Christ and her weight was growing closer and closer to 400 lbs. She’s now on a mission to share these methods with other Christian women so that they can be free and are no longer oppressed by their weight and the weight of it.

If you’ve lost weight before only to gain it back plus more, if you find yourself at the highest weight you’ve ever been, and if you’re ready to lean into your faith to help you lose the weight you gained and gain the you you lost, then Christ Over Cookies is the book for you.



is supermom of four superkids residing in Florida. She graduated from Michigan State University with a B.S. in Physiology, is a Certified Nutrition Coach, and is also a Certified Group Fitness Instructor. In her work, having lost over 80 lbs herself, Malaika combines her personal experiences with her formal education and guidance from the Holy Spirit. She is a Weight Loss Mentor, Breakthrough Coach, and Host of the Overweighted Podcast.

Find out more about her and any upcoming events at MalaikaBurley.com.

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